Biden Will Hang His Head in SHAME With One Look At This HEARTBREAKING Survey of REAL Americans

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A new survey of real Americans should have Joe Biden and his entire administration hanging their heads in shame. It’s been revealed just how many Americans are struggling to pay bills in today’s time – and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. 

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In Democrat President Joe Biden’s America, citizens are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Breitbart reports, a study conducted by LendingTree found that 32 percent of citizens paid a bill late over the past six months. 

About 1,600 Americans were surveyed recently about their bill-paying habits and one of its key findings was that 61% of those who paid late in the past six months could not afford to do so.

In addition, 40 percent of respondents said they could not pay their bills as easily as they did a year ago.

This is especially heartbreaking after we previously reported that over the past 12 months, real wages for most workers have fallen, according to a recent study by three economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. 

The increase in nominal wages is outpaced by the increase in prices.

A majority of employed workers’ real (inflation-adjusted) wages have failed to keep up with inflation in the past year.

Under Joe Biden, America is facing a crisis of late bill payments. According to LendingTree, 32 percent of people have paid a bill late in the past six months, no doubt due to the rising cost of living in Biden’s America. And to make matters worse, real wages for most workers have actually fallen over the last year. This is nothing short of heartbreaking and unacceptable. We deserve a president and government who are working tirelessly for the American people, creating an environment where we can thrive and live comfortably without stressing over late bills. The current state of affairs under Biden is a disgrace – it’s time for change. We deserve better. It’s time for true leadership that puts America and its citizens first. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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