Hollywood HORRIFIED After Rob Schneider Reveals Who Pushed Him Edge To Abandon The Democrat Party

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Rob Schneider, the actor and comedian, says that he was pushed to the edge by a Democrat Party that has become too extreme. In an interview with Fox News, Schneider said that he could no longer support a party that is “trying to run his life,.” This announcement is sure to surprise many of his fans.

The Daily Wire reports, in an interview Wednesday morning, actor and comedian Rob Schneider said he left the Democratic Party because they meddle in every aspect of people’s lives and are becoming more extreme in their beliefs.

The remarks were made during a Fox News interview on “FOX & Friends” in which Schneider was asked what he thought of former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s decision to leave the Democratic Party.

Schneider said “taxes,” among many other reasons, changed his mind about the party.

In Schneider’s view, people need to go with whatever political party they feel is right for them and not worry about what others might say. He cautioned, however, that the political Left is rife with “a mob of ideologues” who will “attack you” if they go against the party line.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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