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 Sheriffs of New York are finally pushing back on the draconian and cumbersome new laws proposed by New York’s woke leftist rulers. 

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Recently a federal judge ruled that concealed carry will go forward in New York state after decades of concealed carry being banned, but immediately after the ruling a set of new laws was passed that severely restricts people’s ability to carry. 

Post Millennial writes. A group of New York sheriffs has vowed not to aggressively enforce the state’s new strict gun laws, arguing that the new law “unfairly targets law-abiding citizens.”

Speaking with Fox and Friends on Tuesday, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino expressed concerns over the new law, which seeks to ban guns in “sensitive areas” like Times Square, religious centers, and subways.



This comes after a recent incident outside of Kathy Hochuls midterm opponents house. 

Next News Network reported. Authorities confirmed that the shooting was “unrelated” to the Zeldins. According to Suffolk County authorities, the shooting occurred around 2:20 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  As Zeldin noted, his twin teenage daughters were home when the incident occurred outside his Shirley, Long Island, home.


The sheriffs of New York have finally had enough of the oppressive gun laws imposed by their state’s woke leftist leaders. In a bold move, they have declared they will not enforce these unfair laws that target law-abiding citizens. It’s time for New Yorkers to come together and fight back against these draconian policies. The midterms are upon us, and we have the opportunity to remove these harmful leaders from power. Let’s gather our friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to vote for candidates who believe in upholding the rights of all citizens, not just those in power. The future of America lies in our hands – let’s make the right choice and stand up for our freedoms.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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