JB Pritzker LAUGHS as His Supporters ASSAULT Voter CONFRONTING Him For Ruining His Small Business

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We received shocking never before seen footage of JB Pritzker LAUGHING in the face of a voter who confronts him on his record of destroying small businesses. Then his supporters violently accost the man while JB does nothing but laugh in his face. This is a must see video for the people of Illinois because it’s clear that he doesn’t care about the people he’s hurt and is only interested in advancing his career. This man is unfit for office.

Illinois Leaks reports, On Thursday, August 25th, Governor Pritzker spoke at a public campaign event sponsored by the Coles County Democrat Party at the Charleston Public Library. Now shocking video from that event has surfaced.

Governor Pritzker was touting his record when a Coles County resident and fitness business owner shouted at him. During COVID, he reminded the governor that while he commanded the shutdown of his business, all the fitness rooms in the Pritzker hotel franchises were open.

The Coles County resident who addressed the governor was then physically assaulted by Pritzker supporters. There was even a Pritzker supporter who walked down multiple rows of chairs to participate.

Pritzker declared and laughed, “There is always one in every crowd” but failed to denounce the violence that happened right in front of him.

After leaving the library grounds, the resident reported that Pritzker’s security followed him as an intimidation for speaking up.

In response to the incident, the State’s Attorney referred it to the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office for review and charging decisions.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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