SHOCK AND AWE: Blake Masters TORCHES Mark Kelly In Stunning New Message

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Senate hopeful Blake Masters is running a shock and awe campaign against Mark Kelly, and he is bringing the heat.

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Midterms are upon us, as we are less than a month away from one of the biggest elections in our lifetimes, as the fate of the nation will hinge on a few candidates making it to DC. One of the candidates trying to do so is Blake Masters, and he’s kicking some butt. 

Fox News reported. U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters, a Republican running in Arizona, slammed his opponent, Sen. Mark Kelly, during an interview this week for the state of deterioration that the U.S. is in, saying that “Mark Kelly is what happened.”

Masters made the remark during an interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner Wednesday afternoon where he touched on a wide range of issues.

Blake Masters isn’t only raining hell fire on Mark Kelly on Fox News, hes doing it on the debate stage also.

Next news network reported. Mark Kelly, the Democrat incumbent, seemed unprepared and unable to respond to Masters who was pretty much always on offense.

Masters hit Kelly repeatedly on the border crisis, inflation, Biden’s policies and more.

Who won? The Hill’s analysis offered positives for both candidates, as most American media outlets do. It was Kelly’s job to paint Masters into corners as a Democratic incumbent in the face of a red-wave turnout. So, Masters seems to have controlled the outcome and hung Joe Biden, the border, and inflation around Kelly’s neck.


Kelly better watch out, because Blake Masters is on a mission to bring him down and secure victory for the Republican party in the upcoming midterm elections. In a recent interview, Masters slammed Kelly for the current state of affairs in America, saying that he’s “what happened.” And it’s clear that Kelly is feeling the heat, as Masters isn’t just showing him up on Fox News – he’s also bringing the fight to the debate stage. The red wave will not happen without each and every one of us making sure our friends and family get out and vote. Kelly’s toast – let’s make it happen and secure victory for our party.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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