Hollywood ROCKED After Mark Wahlberg FLEES – Here’s The Reason Why He Left California

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With all the political turmoil and natural disasters, it’s no wonder so many people are packing up and moving away from California. Now, Mark Wahlberg is adding his name to that list as he recently revealed that he packed up his family and left the state for good. 

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Among Hollywood’s A-list celebrities fleeing California is actor and film producer Mark Wahlberg.

The Daily Wire writes, the movie star told CBS’s “The Talk” Tuesday that he moved out of California and into Nevada to provide a better life for his children.

His wife, Rhea Durham, and he have two sons and two daughters.

As a result of the state’s shutdown in response to COVID in 2020, residents across the state have been fleeing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s rule. In the midst of skyrocketing crime rates, high taxes, and an unaffordable housing crisis, California’s one-party system essentially turned it into a feudal state, or as some conservative leaders described it, a socialist nightmare.

These socialist policies have even prompted some to leave the Democrat party altogether.

As we reported on Thursday, actor and comedian Rob Schneider said he left the Democratic Party because they meddle in every aspect of people’s lives and are becoming more extreme in their beliefs.

Schneider said “taxes,” among many other reasons, changed his mind about the party.

Hollywood is being rocked by a mass exodus as celebrities and everyday Californians are leaving the state in droves due to its liberal policies. Mark Wahlberg, citing a desire for a better life for his children, has officially left California for good. Comedian Rob Schneider also made headlines when he announced his departure from the Democratic Party, citing their extreme beliefs and meddling in every aspect of people’s lives. Governor Newsom’s tax-heavy policies have only intensified this wave of departures as Californians are tired of watching their hard-earned money go towards funding liberal programs. It’s clear that Hollywood bigwigs like Wahlberg are leading the charge in saying goodbye to California and ushering in a red wave of change. It’s time for a switch in leadership and a new direction for the state. Goodbye California, hello opportunity elsewhere.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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