DEBUNKED: New Study EXPOSES The Truth About Illegal Aliens and Crime

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 You won’t believe what you’re about to see. In this video, I’m going to expose the truth about illegal aliens and crime in America.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of talk lately about illegal aliens and crime. People are saying that they’re responsible for all sorts of problems in our society. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s true. In fact, I have proof that some of them are the criminals everyone makes them out to be. Are you ready to see the truth?

The post millennial writes. It was revealed on Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies that claims by a think tank that illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans are false.

A Cato Institute immigration policy analyst concluded in February 2018 that the conviction and arrest rates for illegal immigrants were lower than those for native-born Americans based on 2015 Texas Department of Public Safety data.

However, that report was recently proven to be false. Watch. Clip1>>

This news comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a masterful move to round up illegal immigrants in his home state. 

Next News network reports. The governor of Texas is offering thousands of dollars to people who report stash houses used to hide illicit drugs and illegal migrants.

According to Abbott’s office, people who report information on stash houses used by transnational cartels evading detection will receive $5,000.

Abbott said in a statement. “As President Biden’s dangerous open border policies continue to allow cartels and other criminal organizations to operate freely in our communities, it is more important than ever that Texans step up and report suspicious activity. DPS and local law enforcement partners are working around the clock to prevent transnational crimes from being committed in communities around the state,”

It’s time for illegal aliens who commit crimes to be held accountable. No more leniency – if you’re in this country illegally and you break the law, you should be deported immediately. This isn’t about discrimination or racism – it’s about following the rules and keeping our citizens safe. Illegal immigrants have been responsible for horrific crimes, from drunk driving accidents to murder, and it’s unacceptable. Joe Biden and his administration have failed to properly secure our borders, making it easier for criminals to slip through undetected. It’s a tragedy that must be rectified before more innocent lives are lost. Come here legally or face consequences – that should be the clear message from our government. And if they won’t take action, then maybe it’s time for a red wave in November to send a strong message and elect officials who will actually protect Americans’ safety. Illegal aliens and crime cannot continue to be brushed under the rug – it’s time for real change.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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