THE TRUMP EFFECT: These 5 Endorsees Are CRUSHING IT Thanks to President Donald J. Trump!

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It appears that the Democrats are in panic mode as polling numbers are coming back from critical battleground states, and it appears that Trump candidates are gonna sweep.

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As midterm elections rage across the country, democrats are losing what they once controlled. Recent polls conducted show that the Trump endorsed candidates are poised for victory.

100% Fedup reports. A new poll found that midterm voters are more likely to vote for the Republican candidate in some of the most competitive races.

CNN/SSRS polling shows that 48 percent of voters would vote for Republicans instead of Democrats in the most competitive congressional races if midterm elections were held today.

A third of respondents believed Republican candidates in their states and districts had a more straightforward approach to solving the country’s problems. As a comparison, 28% of respondents said their Democratic candidates would be better able to resolve issues.

According to registered Republicans in tight race districts, 55% are highly motivated to vote. 45% of Democratic voters in close-race districts, on the other hand, said they were highly motivated to vote.

In competitive districts, voters are concerned about the economy and inflation.

Democrats hold the House and Senate by slim margins. Currently, Georgia and Nevada have two Democratic senators. In Georgia, Senator Raphael Warnock is up for reelection, and Senator Cathy Cortez Masto is running to retain her seat in Nevada. Thirty-five Senate seats will be up for grabs at the midterm.

In Georgia, Herschel Walker runs against Warnock, while Blake Masters is challenging Cortez-Masto in Nevada. Both Republicans are Trump-backed candidates and gaining ground ahead of the midterms. A win for both would mean the GOP could retake the Senate.

Nancy pelosi is terrified of losing control of the house, and Republicans have plans for what they will do.

Next news network reported. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hoping Joe Biden can hook her up with a job once Republicans take control of the House this November. 

According to the Daily Wire, Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo reports Pelosi hopes Biden will make her the next ambassador to Italy in the event of a red wave. Biden is holding the plum assignment for Pelosi, sources told the network.

However, Senator Rick Scott put a damper on Pelosi’s plans pretty quickly, saying if Republicans do take over, they would unlikely not


It looks like Trump is the cure for the Democrat blues. As polls roll in showing Trump endorsed candidates poised for glory, the Democrats appear to be in a state of panic. But can you blame them? Nancy Pelosi might have to say goodbye to her coveted Speaker position and possibly even her job if Trump’s red wave sweeps through the midterms. But let’s be real – Trump is just that good. So if we want to keep making America great again, it’s time to get out and vote for Trump’s picks. And let’s face it, anyone who dares oppose Trump is just plain evil (we’re looking at you Pelosi). So let’s do our part and make sure this red wave crashes into election day with a vengeance. Get out and vote, folks! Let’s save America.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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