WHOOPS! Biden Goes Off-Script, Heaps PRAISE on the One Democrat Who ENDORSES VIOLENCE

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In spite of the congresswoman’s history of inflammatory remarks, President Biden said Thursday that he agrees with “whatever” she says.

As noted by The New York Post, it’s unclear whether he was being sincere or trying to be ironic about the notoriously hot-headed lawmaker.

Maxine Waters is an unhinged radical known for her boisterous rhetoric.

The Washington Free Beacon highlighted this as they put together a short montage of Waters’ rhetoric over the years, including comments she made when she encouraged protesters to confront all Republicans.

The unhinged rhetoric of Congresswoman Maxine Waters is just another example of why the Democrats must be voted out of office this November. Waters has a long history of making inflammatory remarks, and yet President Biden says that he agrees with “whatever” she says. This is just another sign that the Democrats are out of touch with mainstream America. The policies of the Democratic Party have resulted in increased taxes, high unemployment, anemic economic growth, and an overflow of migrants at our southern border. It is time to put an end to the failed policies of the Democrats and vote them out of office this November.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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