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Open Mouth, Insert foot, Stacey Abrams makes absurd statement that blacks don’t know how to get IDs.

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Well this is one of the most absurd arguments that the leftists continually make about the African American community.  

Daily caller writes. Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina slammed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams Saturday night for her opposition to voter ID, labeling it “soft bigotry.” Abrams refused to concede in the 2018 gubernatorial race, claiming the election integrity law passed in Georgia in 2021 was a form of voter suppression. Abrams and President Joe Biden were among those who called the law “Jim Crow 2.0.”


Good thing for Abrams there is a clip that is out in the world that shows Abrams, and the rest of the racist liberals they are wrong.

In 2016 Ami Horowitz took to the street to absolve the left of their racist ideals by stating that African Americans do not carry Id cards, and don’t know where to get ID’s at. Yet in America you need a drivers license, or state ID in order to purchase items that are restricted to an age group, receive aid, or just for encounters with law enforcement. 


In a fiery speech, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson called out Stacey Abrams for her opposition to voter ID laws, citing the fact that such requirements are necessary in everyday life and to assume black people can’t obtain them is insulting and racist. Robinson also highlighted the hypocrisy of Abrams and the left, who claim to support marginalized communities but continually try to push them into a forever victim mentality. In reality, Abrams is nothing more than a racial extortionist, exploiting her own race for political gain. It’s time for her fraud to be exposed and for true equality to prevail. By fighting against voter ID laws, Abrams is presenting herself as the very definition of a racist – suggesting that black people are too stupid or incapable of obtaining an ID card. It’s time for her harmful ideology to be rejected once and for all. Let’s stand with Lt. Gov. Robinson and make sure Abrams never becomes governor. Work with us to end the left’s hypocrisy and share this video. Make sure Abrams is never governor, and racist ideals are not spread more.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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