Herschel Walker DESTROYS Joe Biden with savage response to his ice cream eating habits

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Former NFL running back, and Georgia senate hopeful, Herschel Walker gave a savage response when asked about President Joe Biden’s accomplishments.

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Joe Biden is quite the ice cream eater. Well, Herschel Walker agrees. And points to it as one of Joe’s crowning achievements while in office.

Washington Examiner reported. Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker gave a chilly response when asked to share any actions by President Joe Biden that he supports. When repeatedly pressed on whether there is anything policy wise he supports, Walker did not have anything nice to say about what Biden has actually done.


What Hershcel Walker will say about Biden and Democrats is epic.

Next news network reports. Recent polling has shown a surge for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, at a time when Democrats have also experienced a surge. In a new 30-second ad, the Walker campaign blasts mainstream Democrats’ focus on racism and division over opportunity and healing, pushing a message of unity and healing.

Let’s watch.

Joe Biden’s love of ice cream is undoubtedly his crowning achievement as a politician. As Americans struggle with unemployment, healthcare, and countless other issues, Joe sits cozily in the Oval Office indulging in sweet scoops of ice cream. But hey, at least he looks like he’s enjoying himself as the rest of us suffer. However, one must wonder how Joe has any room for ice cream when piling on all the lies and broken promises he’s made throughout his political career. Joe may have a love for ice cream, but that sure beats his lack of love for the American people. Sorry Joe, your affinity for frozen treats just doesn’t cut it. Stick to what you know best: being a lazy slob with no real ideas or progress to show for it. You might want to consider trading in those spoons for forks though; nobody wants to see what all that ice cream is doing to your waistline. Can we get a President who actually cares about solving problems over satisfying their sweet tooth? We deserve better than Joe and his indulgent ways. And Herschel Walker agrees. Sorry Joe, you’ve been served. Time to retire with some Ben and Jerry’s in hand and call it a day. Get it together Joe- until then I’ll pass on the ice cream in favor of some actually good leadership for once. Take notes from Herschel Walker on how to prioritize what really matters- not just what’s sweet and creamy. America deserves better than Joe Biden and his passion for ice cream while our country falls apart under his so-called leadership

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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