Mom BRUTALLY Fact Checks JB Pritzker After He LIES At Last Nights Debate With Darren Bailey

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If you thought last night’s Illinois gubernatorial debate was heated, just wait until you hear what happened when one mother called out JB Pritzker, pointing out the blatant lies he’s been regurgitating all over the state.

ABC 7 reports, in their final debate before the November election, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and Republican challenger Darren Bailey squared off. Both of them exchanged harsh words with each other.

During the debate, Pritzker claimed that Illinois has paid the State’s bills.

That was all it took for one mother whose own son became the victim of Pritzker’s policies. She took to Facebook and posted the EVIDENCE that Illinois has not paid the bills with images of a BOUNCED CHECK from the State of Illinois, and the notice her Bank sent her son, who was even charged the return check fee.

She posted: “JB claims all the state’s bills are paid. That’s not true. Reason being- a month ago when the state issued those rebates- my son got a $50 check. He cashed it the next day. Yesterday we were notified by his bank that the check BOUNCED and he got a $12 fee on top it. Unbelievable. Only in Illinois.Hope folks vote straight RED come 11/8!”

Then she attached these images as proof Pritker isn’t paying the bills as he claims.

Unreal, not only did the check bounce but her poor son was penalized by his bank for Pritkers Failures as a governor.

When Asked about addressing the rampant crime in Chicago, Bailey hit Pritzker hard, placing the blame squarely at JB’s feet, and assured voters that “Help is on the way”

Shortly after that Bailey launched a salvo against JB on a host of issues highlighting the dangers of the SAFE-T act, abortion, and indroctrinating your children in Illinois Public Schools.

Near the end of the debate, Bailey was asked about Parental Rights with respect to CHEMICAL CASTRATION of your children without parental notification, an issue that should be on top of every parent in Illinois mind. In my opinion it was one of Bailey’s strongest moments of the night.

Next News Network Team

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