Shocking Report Details Biden Officials LITERALLY SLEEPING As MILLIONS Pour Across the Border

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It seems like our government isn’t doing enough to secure our borders and protect us from the influx of illegal aliens. In this video, I’m going to show you some shocking new reports that detail how Biden border officials are literally sleeping on the job while our country is in crisis.

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A new report is raising serious questions about the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border crisis. According to the report, some Biden border officials are literally sleeping on the job. This shocking revelation is just one more indication that the administration has completely failed in its efforts to address the influx of so-called refugees and immigrants.

Town Hall reports. The report published on Monday says in addition to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus not attending White House meetings about the border crisis, badmouthing other agencies to colleagues and superiors, and not building relationships within CBP and across other agencies, he also has fallen asleep at the meetings he has attended.The report is quoted as saying “ Magnus also made the case that his critics were either unfair or uninformed. Six of those internal critics, for example, remarked to POLITICO that they had seen Magnus fall asleep during multiple meetings, including one earlier this year on how to handle the current swell of Venezuelans crossing the border. Magnus explained to POLITICO that he experienced brief periods of tiredness as a side effect of his multiple sclerosis, the neurological condition he was diagnosed with 15 years ago; and that he adjusted medication levels to deal with those side effects.”

The border patrol union released a tweet on Magnus and Mayorkass’ handling of the border it read

It’s become clear that we can expect 2 more years of open borders, millions more illegal aliens legalized with false asylum claims, more deaths, trashing of border areas & lawlessness. It’s what Biden wants. Mayorkas and Magnus are the 2 foxes he appointed to guard the henhouse.

Magnus is not the only one sleeping on the job when it comes to the southern border. 

Next News Network reported. IMG3>> Kamala Harris, Biden’s White House migration czar, is returning to Texas – but not to the border. In  early October, with less than five weeks before next month’s midterm elections, the vice president will headline a big-bucks Texas Democratic Party fundraiser in Austin. Harris is not currently planning to travel further south while she’s there, sources told The Post. She has been criticized for remaining silent about the ongoing humanitarian crisis even when migrants were literally dropped off outside her home.

The Texas GOP representative for Del Rio to just outside El Paso, Tony Gonzales, said he hadn’t been notified of any possible visits from Harris to his district during her visit.

It’s no shocker that our nation is in a crisis at the border, but what is shocking is just how little those in charge seem to care about actually doing their jobs. Instead of wakefully attending meetings and working towards real solutions, Politico’s new report reveals that CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus has been catching z’s during important discussions about immigration. And he’s not the only one guilty of sleeping on the job – Biden himself has even been caught snoozing during important meetings. Our nation deserves better than this epic failure of leadership. It’s time for the wake up call, fools. Get your act together and start actually solving this crisis instead of dozing off like a child in class.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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