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At the recent debate, Brian Kemp shredded Stacey Abrams for advocating an end to cash bail that would allow criminals to run wild in Georgia.

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It’s no secret that Stacey Abrams is campaigning on some pretty liberal policies, but this latest revelation might be her undoing. And Brian Kemp wasn’t about to let her off the hook for advocating for getting rid of cash bail. This could have a disastrous effect on our criminal justice system and put dangerous criminals back on the streets.

Gateway Pundit reported. The Georgia gubernatorial debate Monday night featured Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Democrat sore loser Stacey Abrams. It is the first debate between Kemp and Abrams since 2018. Historically, Abrams disputed the results of the 2018 governor’s race, blaming voter suppression, and she lost because of racist white people. 

In the debate, Abrams used the race card to attack Kemp, and she also complained about police discrimination. 

Kemp took a hard swing on Abrams view on ending cashless bail.


The debate was heated and covered many topics., yet a third person on the debate stage was shooting shots at both candidates. 

Politico reports.  The fierce rivalry between the two candidates, who ran a bitter campaign against each other in 2018, was partly tempered in part by the presence of the Libertarian Party nominee, Shane Hazel, who shot back at each of the major-party candidates for supporting public education, the Federal Reserve and income taxes. With about 2 percent of the vote, Hazel is far from winning the race, but enough to force a runoff in December between Kemp and Abrams.

The tired “race card” argument trotted out by Stacey Abrams in the Georgia gubernatorial debates was predictable, but ultimately irrelevant. The real issue at hand is crime and public safety – an area where Democrats are clearly vulnerable going into midterm elections. Brian Kemp hit back with a discussion of cash bail reform, highlighting the potential danger of letting dangerous criminals back onto the streets. It’s no surprise that Dems are trying to distract from this issue – after all, the last thing they want is a “red wave” on election day. But as demonstrated by Monday night’s debate, it’s tough to ignore the Democrats’  inability to effectively address one of Americans’ top concerns. As Brian Kemp puts it, Abrams and her liberal policies would be disastrous for Georgia – and perhaps for Dems nationally as well.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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