You Won’t Believe What Joy Behar Had to Say About Voter’s Focus on the Economy

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The little woke leftists clucks of the view apparently cannot handle that Americans are discovering that the economy is Joe Biden’s fault.

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With skyrocketing gas prices…again, inflation at a 40 year high, and a spending spree that is out of control with Ukraine, Joe biden is failing America and Joy Behar is upset that people recognize this.

Fox news reports. “The View” host Joy Behar said Tuesday the economic concerns of voters are “sad and depressing.” Before the midterm elections, people don’t know “what the stakes are.” Inflation concerns are understandable to Behar, but she said Republicans could not solve them. 


While Joy Behar is out campaigning for Joe Biden, Biden returned the favor with a…unique message. 

Next News Network reported. It’s no secret that Joe Biden has a propensity for making awkward comments, but his latest birthday message to Joy Behar is on a whole other level of cringe. In the video, Biden can be seen kissing up to Behar on her “birthday” but what is even cringier is Behar’s response. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden wished a special happy birthday to The View host Joy Behar on Wednesday. The president is nearly one month younger than Behar. He will turn 80 years old in November.

It’s no surprise that Joy Behar and the hosts of “The View” are upset about voters focusing on the economy- their beloved Joe Biden is failing miserably in this department. With skyrocketing gas prices, inflation at a 40 year high, and reckless spending, it’s clear that the Democrats are to blame. Yet Behar and her cohorts continue to promote Biden as if he isn’t responsible for these economic struggles. It’s time for Behar and her backwards beliefs to retire from disgracing our airwaves. “The View” has become nothing more than a platform for leftist propaganda and it’s sad and depressing to watch. Let’s retire Joy Behar and her narrow-mindedness and focus on fixing the economy instead.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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