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While Joe Biden lavishly eats ice cream, like he is rewarding himself for a job well done, the rest of America is suffering. Now one new poll proves the tide is turning against him in a big way.

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The economy is in free fall, gas prices are artificially being lowered, and inflation is at a historic height. Yet Biden keeps bragging about his successes. However Americans are now wisening up and learning the truth about his failures. In this report, I’m going to show you the latest poll numbers that prove that Americans blame the Biden administration for the current state of the economy. It’s about time they are held accountable.

Summit news reports. According to a CBS poll, most Americans believe the Biden administration is directly responsible for the economy’s downturn.

However, the public does not agree with Biden and his handlers that anything and everything else is to blame for the U.S. spiraling into recession.

Over 70 percent of voters blame Biden’s policies for the current state of the economy, with 45 percent saying he is largely responsible.


The Democrat party can usually always count on one demographic to always vote for them, yet it appears that may not be the case.

Next news network reported. With record numbers of African Americans swapping parties, it has the Democrats shaking in their boots, as people begin to wisen up to the lies the democrats have spread throughout the years. 

In early october it was reported  that polling revealed a significant drop in Democratic support among black voters, which could cost Democrats the Senate.

Some Democratic senatorial candidates may be doomed by slippage among blacks, according to CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten.

Let’s Watch.

The Biden administration continues to ignore the reality of our economic disaster and pat themselves on the back for their supposed successes. But now, a new poll proves that Americans are waking up to the truth and placing the blame where it belongs- at Biden’s feet. Over 70 percent of voters now attribute our current economic struggles to his policies. While he continues to indulge in ice cream, he is destroying American businesses and crushing families with skyrocketing prices. It’s clear that he is incapable of managing our economy and it’s time for a change. The red wave is coming as more and more Americans realize that Biden has failed us. It’s time for accountability and for someone who will actually prioritize the well-being of American workers and families.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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