YES! Pritzker Hit With BAD NEWS After Darren Bailey Gets Ready To Lap Him In November

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Red State reports, according to the latest internal polling, Bailey may well be closing the gap despite Pritzker’s 15-point lead in the current RCP average.

According to a poll conducted by Osage Research between October 13th and 15th, 42 percent of likely voters would vote for Bailey if the election were held today, while 44 percent would vote for Pritzker. With 39 percent Democrats, 28 percent Independents, and 25 percent Republicans, that puts the candidates within the four-point margin of error.

In that poll, 56 percent of respondents felt Illinois was headed in the wrong direction, while only 35 percent thought the state was heading in the right direction. 48 percent of respondents said they were not better off after four years of Pritzker’s governorship, while 45 percent said they were. In addition, 45 percent said Bailey would keep them safer than Pritzker, while 44 percent disagreed. Only 30% of respondents said they would vote to re-elect Pritzker, regardless of his opponent, while 35 percent said they would replace him, and 27 percent would consider another candidate.

Residents of Illinois have been punished repeatedly by JB Pritzker’s abuse of power. Pritzker’s rampant abuse resulted in Darren Bailey suing our corrupt Governor for it, and beating him in court. Not to mention the falsehoods Pritker pedals throughout the state, a falsehood that set off one Mamma Bear who called out JB.

Pritzker’s policies proved disastrous for one mother whose son became a victim. The evidence she posted on Facebook included a BOUNCED CHECK from the State of Illinois and a notice her bank sent to her son, who was even charged a return check fee.

You can read about that, here:

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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