DENIED! Environmental Activists Make Huge Mistake After Deciding To Hit This Porsche Display

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These brain dead activists forgot two critical things before they glued themselves to the floor. 

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Sometimes it is great to watch bad things happen to people who deserve it. This time justice served itself when the group of protesters realized a couple major facts too late. 

Western journal reports. It seems like the climate change activists are becoming more bold every day. The Porsche pavilion floor at Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, was recently the site of a group of climate change activists who appeared to believe that sticking themselves to the showroom floor was the best way to pressure the government to “decarbonize the German transport sector.”


After gluing themselves to the ground, the climate protesters realized that they had to use the restroom. They were appalled to discover that Volkswagen officials reportedly wouldn’t provide bowls “to urinate and defecate” in. In the same tweet, which shows some of the climate protesters glued to the floor around one of the cars in the showroom, it was stated that not only were the activists not provided with bathroom bowls, but they added that the heat had been turned off.

This report comes after another incident involving super glue, and cans of soup.

Fox news reports. The incident came in the wake of several recent dramatic climate change protests, including one that resulted in the attempted destruction of a priceless Vincent van Gogh painting at the National Gallery in London, Fox News reported.

Two climate protesters, representing a group called Just Stop Oil, tossed two cans of tomato soup on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting. The two were arrested by London Metropolitan Police “on suspicion of criminal damage and aggravated trespass.”


The environmental activists had a plan – to glue themselves to the ground and protest at a Porsche display. But they forgot two important things: bathrooms and heat. As they sat there, demanding change for the greater good, they were reportedly forced to poop their pants or hold it in. And as the temperatures dropped, those same activists were left to freeze – with no mercy from Volkswagen officials. These so-called “environmentalists” have proven themselves to be nothing more than terrorists, willing to go to extremes without considering the consequences of their actions. They got what they deserved – let them suffer in their own feces and cold for once. And hopefully, this experience will teach them a lesson about proper planning.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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