Bill Gates BLASTED on LIVE TV after Fox News Host Has Had Enough

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Bill Gates was out saying how people freezing to death is a good thing in the long run, and Greg Gutfeld was having none of his globalist propaganda.

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Bill Gates for years has been on the opposing side of freedom as he consistently is pushing his green agenda, while not caring about the amount of suffering it causes. Luckily we have some good fighters on the side of freedom, and we will no longer remain silent.

Daily caller reports. Panelists on “The Five” blasted Microsoft founder Bill Gates Thursday afternoon for celebrating high energy prices forcing a transition to a “green” economy.


Bill Gates recently made a report calling for the transition into other energies.

Next News network reported. Gates published a report on Tuesday called “State of the Energy Transition,” in which he declared that countries like the United States who have prospered by burning fossil fuels should move towards completely decarbonizing all sectors of the economy. In his report, he writes, “Many countries in Europe and North America filled the atmosphere with carbon to achieve prosperity, and it is both unrealistic and unfair to expect everyone else to forgo a more comfortable life because that carbon turned out to change the climate.” He added, “I don’t think the market by itself can press reset on an entire economy in just a few decades,” adding “We need a plan to speed the process up.”

Remember when we had all the less efficient appliances that were horrible for the environment and consumed massive amounts of energy? Where were the grid overloads then? Where was the natural gas shortages, where the power grid collapses. America used to be the leader in the world for quality of living. Now people get their smart thermostats controlled from Government overreach, and are restricted from charging the cars they were forced to buy. Wake up. We are being fed lines of BS and all it is doing is feeding the globalist elite scum like Bill Gates exactly what they need to continue shoving insane policies down our throats.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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