BURNED: Eric Adams BLASTED For Lying About Crime in NYC

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It looks like Chris Wallace is getting a little fire back in his belly after he was caught on camera holding Eric Adams accountable for the high crime rates in New York City.

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New York City might be the richest city in the world, but when it comes to crime it is one of the weakest on keeping its citizens safe from the rampant mobs who attack, and vandalize on a regular basis.

Daily wire reports. Former “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace cornered Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams during a recent CNN interview, pushing back on his claims that “perception” was making the skyrocketing crime rates in his city appear worse than they really were.

Wallace, who left Fox News after nearly two decades just last year, spoke to Adams as part of his new interview-based series, “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?” — and the topic turned to the dramatic uptick in violent crime that has impacted multiple American cities, not the least of which being the Big Apple.


Following Eric Adams preparing lavish living quarters for illegal immigrants, someone had a unique idea to call out the Liberal Mayor for his hypocritical stance on immigration.

Next news network reported. As of Tuesday, a place called “Adams Tent City” was spotted on Google Maps at the location of the newly opened immigrant welcome center in New York City, which was set up to handle the surge of immigrants the city is experiencing as a result of Governor Abbott choice to bus illegal immigrants to Democratic strongholds. As noted by the Washington Examiner, In this case, it’s not clear whether Google was responsible for the labeling or if it was a prank by a prankster.

According to the New York Post, a Google spokesperson said in a Tuesday evening email: “We’re aware of the situation and have removed the listing.”

Eric Adams is wrong. New york City is a failing city, rampant crime and homelessness is causing the richest city in the world to become an independent third world country. Also, Adams cares more about illegal immigrants than he does his own citizens, as he leaves homeless American citizens to starve on the streets, yet gives the illegals xboxes and lavish living quarters. Chris Wallace was right to stick Adam’s feet to the flame as he was trying to lie to America yet again. Adams and Lightfoot would make a great pair on writing a book on how to ruin a great city. 

NYC is a failed city. Eric Adams is lying. Adams is weak on crime. NYC’s tent city is a disgrace. Giuliani would have never allowed this crime to happen. Going woke has ruined America. Leftist policy is killing Americans. NYC needs to be great again! Trump 2020!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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