LOSER Hobbs Comes out of Hiding, Give WEAK Excuse for Debating Lake Even Dems Think is CRAZY

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You can tell just how scared a candidate is of losing when they refuse to participate in a public debate with their challenger. Well, this is exactly what is happening in the Arizona Gubernatorial race. The Democrat candidate, Katie Hobbs, has made it loud and clear just how terrified she is to debate Republican candidate Kari Lake – and she’s being put on blast for it.

Despite some of her supporters disagreeing with Democrat Katie Hobbs’ decision not to debate Kari Lake, Hobbs said she does not regret not sparring with her opponent.

“A debate never helps a candidate win,” Hobbs told the HuffPost.

Then she issued a guarantee saying, “it’s not something they’re concerned about.” Then deflected to kitchen table talking points.

But I guarantee voters do want to see how she sizes up to Kari Lake, and they should be able to make their vote decision based on her ability to stand her ground or get pummeled by Lake.

With just over two weeks until Election Day, Hobbs is taking heat for not debating Lake, a former newscaster who is slightly ahead in the polls. In the past, the Democrat defended her position by stating that Lake is more interested in spectacles than substantive policy discussions.

On “Fox & Friends” Monday, Kari Lake said her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs has earned the nickname, “basement Hobbs.”

Lake talked about her campaign’s “momentum” and attacked Hobbs for refusing to debate her. According to Lake, Hobbs is incapable of holding her own in a debate.

Lake is so confident in her campaign that she told ABC’s Jon Karl that she plans to spend the next eight years as Arizona governor if elected.

She reiterated that claim on FOX News.

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