Biden Gets BLASTED On LIVE TV Over His INFLATION LIES By Presidential Economic Advisor to Trump

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A former economic advisor to President Trump recently put Joe Biden on BLAST and casted a shadow over his economic policies. His comments were so explosive that they could damage Biden’s standing with voters who are already concerned about rising prices.

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Larry Kudlow, former economic adviser to the Trump administration, accused President Biden of lying about the economy.

Daily wire reports. Kudlow said Biden repeatedly told falsehoods about the state of the economy on “Fox News Sunday,” such as that his administration inherited a weak economy from Donald Trump and that the economy is strong.


Biden is indeed lying about the state of the economy and every talking head he sends out knows it too. 

Next news network previously reported. In an exchange over inflation and student loan debt, Martha MacCallum sparred with White House economist Jared Bernstein on Monday.

In light of 72 economists’ recent predictions that the economy will worsen throughout 2023, MacCallum questioned whether the nation is in a recession. Due to the strong payroll employment growth and historically low unemployment rate, Bernstein said we are “probably not” in a recession.

Let’s watch the heated exchange

Larry Kudlow’s comments are a serious indictment of the Biden administration and their economic policies. Biden’s team may be able to spin their way out of many scandals, but they cannot deny the truth about their inflation lies. Larry Kudlow, a former economic advisor for President Trump, made sure of that when he blasted Biden on live television for his false claims about the economy. Biden has repeatedly told the American people that inflation is not a problem, but Kudlow made it clear that prices are rising and this administration is out of touch. It’s time for Biden to stop lying to the American public and face the consequences of his destructive economic policies. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to replace Biden and his team with Republican leaders who prioritize America’s best interests. This November, let’s vote them out and take back control of our economy.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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