New Survey Shows Just how BRUTAL Biden’s Economy is Hitting Hard Working Americans

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Since he was 29, Joe Biden has been sucking off the government teat. That’s fifty years.

The Daily Wire writes, as he approaches 80, Biden has long forgotten what it’s like to have a real job. With the highest inflation in 40 years, he is clearly out of touch with the struggles of average Americans.

For example, last week he actually said that he thinks the economy is “strong as hell.”

Now, More than half of working Americans have considered getting a second job in Biden’s dismal economy.

According to a survey by Qualtrics International Inc., which makes software used by more than 16,000 organizations, 38% of workers have looked for a second job, and 14% plan to do so. In addition, 18% of working adults said they have moved to an area with a lower cost of living to reduce expenses, and another 13% plan to do the same.”

How come? Around 70% of respondents say their pay isn’t keeping up with rising expenses. In a recent Brookings Institution study, it was estimated that raising a child to age 17 would now cost more than $300,000, up $26,000 since inflation took hold,” Bloomberg reported.

Meanwhile, Biden’s economy is crushing 401ks. The housing market has crashed, and mortgage rates have risen above 7%. Real wages have not kept pace with inflation during Biden’s presidency, actually falling by 3%.

In addition, as we previously reported, a study conducted by LendingTree found that 32 percent of citizens paid a bill late over the past six months.

About 1,600 Americans were surveyed recently about their bill-paying habits and one of its key findings was that 61% of those who paid late in the past six months could not afford to do so.

In addition, 40 percent of respondents said they could not pay their bills as easily as they did a year ago.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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