NO ONE CARES That Bernie Is Screaming Before the Midterms

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Democrats are struggling to relate to voters this year, and Bernie Sanders has been trying to warn the party for a while, but no one care what he has to say.

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Midterms are days away yet the Democrats cannot figure out how to engage the voters they need to win despite all the polls, warning signs, and Bernnie Sanders.

Washington Examiner reports. The midterm elections are fast approaching, and Senator Bernie Sanders is concerned about young and working-class voter turnout. In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Sanders warned that high inflation and high gas prices may discourage some working class voters from voting for Democrats.


Bernie Sanders has been raising alarm bells for months. 

Next news network reports. During a portion of an interview with CBS News aired on Monday’s edition of “Red and Blue,” Sen. Bernie Sanders warned that while abortion is an important issue, Democrats “have got to do more” on the economy, because “Poll after poll shows what everybody understands to be true, working people are hurting. They’re worried about the economy. They’re worried about inflation.” He also said that Democrats “have an outside shot of winning the House.”


So, Bernie Sanders is trying to warn the Democratic Party about their imminent midterm failure – but do they even care? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Despite all of the warning signs and Sanders’ cries for change, the Democratic Party continues to be blinded by their own hubris and deceit. They’re too busy shilling for abortion rights and catering to wealthy donors to actually listen to what everyday Americans want and need. And let’s be real – if they did take Sanders’ advice, would it even make a difference at this point? The Democrats have been so out of touch with working class voters for so long that it’s almost impossible for them to relate now. The party’s lackluster response to all of this only proves that they just don’t care about America anymore. It’s time for Pelosi and Schumer to step down and give us someone else we can expose for destroying America.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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