OOPS: White House Spin Master Can’t Name A Biden Top Priority

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Uh Oh KJP caught slacking again as she apparently didn’t have a scripted response for a question on Biden’s plans.

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If you ever payed attention while Karine Jean-Pierre responds to reporters questions on the Biden administration, it seems that she is constantly reading off a piece of paper, looking for the perfect scripted response to any litany of questions. 

Conservative brief reports. As a result of Karine Jean-Pierre’s refusal to answer a simple question about President Joe Biden, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy took her to task.

Jean-Pierre refused to name Biden’s “top domestic policy” during the press briefing when Doocy asked her. Doocy turned her into a stuttering mess with just one question: “What is President Biden’s top domestic priority now? Is it inflation or is it abortion?”

Let’s Watch

While KJP has no problem diverting questions stumbling and bumbling Biden took the time to coin a new term and attack Republicans on economics. 

Fox news reports. A speech by President Biden to the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Monday fueled claims that Republicans would “crash the economy” in an effort to force him to gut Medicare.

Biden also coined the term “Mega-MAGA trickle down” to describe Republican economic policies. According to the president, if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans were to pass their priorities, the deficit would grow by $3 trillion. Additionally, he argued that the party plans to use the deficit as a bludgeon against him.


America needs a rescue plan and all we get is  Karine Jean-Pierre, who is the worst press secretary. Doocy is great for pushing the questions and is helping drive America in the right direction on issues like this. Yet, KJP cannot even answer simple questions about Presidential policy. America deserves better than this and we will not stand for it. KJP should just come out and say Joe Biden has dementia, that way they can continue to make up whatever they want. The truth is the economy is failing. We need someone who can lead us through these tough times, not someone who is constantly reading off a piece of paper. Stand up for America and demand better!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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