WATCH Zeldin DUNK On Hochul After Crimewave Takes Over New York

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In last night’s heated debate, Lee Zeldin took aim at Kathy Hochuls’ record on crime and showed that she is not fit to continue as the governor of New York.

It was an explosive debate between Lee Zeldin and Kathy Hochul. The race is heating up and it’s clear that both candidates are determined to come out on top. But it was one point that Zeldin made that clearly exposed Hochul’s fatal flaw.

The Post Millennial writes, According to Zeldin, New York’s streets need to be safer again, crime needs to be reduced, immigration needs to be handled, abortion laws shouldn’t be changed, and crime should be dealt with.

Hochul brought up her plan to prevent gun sales later in the debate, which included credit card companies reporting gun sales. Zeldin mentioned the drive-by shooting outside his own home, saying that it’s likely those criminals didn’t use American Express to purchase their weapons.

Hochul was also criticized by Zeldin for believing that all crimes are committed with guns.

Although Zeldin opposes abortion, he expressed a willingness to listen to New Yorkers when it comes to the matter.

The New York Post reacted to the debate by writing that Lee Zeldin was clearly the winner.

Hochul’s lack of leadership on the issue of crime and public safety shows that it’s time for her to go. New York needs someone like Lee Zeldin who is willing to take decisive action to make NY streets and subways safe again. Hochul’s insistence on solely focusing on illegal guns as the solution to crime shows she is out of touch with what New Yorkers actually need. It’s time for a red wave in NY, and that wave starts with electing Zeldin as governor. He will be tough on crime and not back down from taking the necessary steps to protect our communities. Hochul’s failure as a leader on this issue proves it’s time for her to step aside and let Zeldin lead NY to safety and security.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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