Climate Psychos Attempt to Destroy Piece Of History

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The world is going looney toons and the wealthy are funding the antics.

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Honestly if this stuff wasn’t so bad, we wouldn’t cover it to give them the satisfaction of it being spread over the internet. But in order to stop someone from being crazy you still need to be aware of what they are capable of. 

The blaze reports. Two more famous works of art have been defaced by anti-oil extremists, this time a Claude Monet painting in Germany. Like others before them, the vandals demanded an end to oil discovery and production amid an energy crisis in Europe, which has prompted some to hoard wood and burn manure.


But as these antics continue, some insight is being garnered into those who are funding them, i mean a couple bottles of super glue, vests, and some canned soup isn’t much, but there are very wealthy individuals behind it.

The Blaze reported. The group responsible has been funded by the Beverly Hills-based Climate Emergency Fund, which is cultivating an army of “climate activists.”

Climate emergency fund states that in 2022 so far,  they have made $4 million in grants to 39 brave, ultra-ambitious groups. This includes the same extremist group that just vandalized the Monet Painting.

On the Climate emergency fund’s website it lists their directors, some of which are with a lot of money, and spend a considerable amount of time among ultra wealthy donors.

On letztegeneration’s website they have a list of demands for global governments some of which include. A speed limit of 100 lm/h, and affordable railways for everyone, and a price cap on the train tickets.

It’s absolutely crazy what’s happening in the world today. A group of extremists decided to deface a Claude Monet painting in Germany because they demanded an end to oil discovery and production. Can you believe that? It just goes to show how far these people are willing to go to get their message across. And it’s not just this one incident – this is part of a larger pattern of vandalism and extreme behavior from these same activists. They’re being funded by the Climate Emergency Fund, which is a Beverly Hills-based organization. This needs to stop. We can’t allow a small group of psychotic individuals dictate how we live our lives. The elites are funding these extremists, and we need to put a stop to it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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