Neurologist Has Grim Diagnosis For Fetterman’s Health

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A Neurologist has just taken a look at John Fetterman’s performance, and gave a prognosis that is heartbreaking for Fetterman.

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There were hints to the current lieutenant governor’s cognitive problems before he faced off against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in the only debate of the campaign. However, Fetterman’s difficulty hearing, processing and responding to questions was on full display during the debate, in which he gave a litany of incoherent responses to questions displayed on a closed captioning system.

Daily wire reports. Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman‘s disastrous debate performance Tuesday night came despite experiencing most of the improvement he is likely to see following a stroke in May, according to one neurologist. Dr. Huma Sheikh, who serves as assistant professor at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, said it is possible Fetterman could continue to recover from the stroke he suffered just days before winning the Democratic primary. But most of his improvements have likely already occurred.

Let’s Watch.

If you have not seen the Debate we are talking about, it is sad that he had to endure that public humiliation. 

RedState reports, During the debate between Fetterman and Dr. Oz, it was clear that Fetterman had no understanding half the time of what was going on–and most of his answers didn’t make any sense. It was clear right from the start that this was going to be a bad debate when Fetterman’s first response was to wish everyone a good night. It was the beginning of the debate, and effectively its end.


It only got worse from there as Fetterman just spat out word salad, and was generally incoherent.


Let’s be human for a moment . Regardless of politics we do have to commend the courage Fetterman showed going up on stage, knowing it was going to be a bloodbath. But if we are being brutally honest Fetterman should have withdrawn after he had the stroke, and avoided this entire calamity for his campaign and the people of Pennsylvania. He cannot do the job plain and simple, him going on stage only drove that point home more for every citizen who watched the debate. But, if by some miracle he lands in the senate, he could also dually serve as a translator for Joe Biden’s words, so that rest of America can understand what the hell he is saying. 

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Next News Network Team

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