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A staggering report came out that counted how many times the word fascist was used on the network that openly calls for the stifling of free speech.

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It is no surprise that all of the anchors and guests over at MSNBC cannot remember basic history lessons, and are working constantly to shut down opposing views through Fascistic means. Yet, just like the good little woke liberal elitists they are, they continue their agenda to destroy American freedoms.

Summit news reported. That the analysis of Grabian Media’s transcripts reveals “fascism” was said 627 times on MSNBC and “fascist” was used 987 times. Even CNN, with its obsession over Trump supporters and January 6th, only used the terms 491 times, meaning MSNBC’s coverage is almost threefold more extreme.


It seems that the left has an obsession with the word fascist, as recently another “republican” attacked the conservatives. 

Red State reported. All polls and momentum are pointing to a GOP victory in the House in the midterms – and probably in the Senate as well. Democrats and their fellow travelers are getting desperate at this point. That’s even before any mention of them losing a host of other seats across the country. The crown for the nutty cake may just go to former Bush-Cheney Republican strategist–now a Democrat shill–Matthew Dowd. Why are the worst ones the establishment’s former Republican hacks? Inflation was Dowd’s top concern, so he decided to combine the talking points with it. With MSNBC Joy Reid talking about Republicans being fascists, it didn’t go well.


The left is obsessed with the word fascist, and nazi and all sorts of other trigger words they constantly toss around towards people who genuinely want to make sure freedom remains. Lets not forget that it was the leftist slide in other nations towards socialism, communism, and leftist fascism that led to the deaths of millions. Yet, in America, the leftists use the same words to describe freedom loving ideals like freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press. They want Americans to forget that the way fascists came to power was by banning books, removing people’s access to freedom of speech, and generally shutting down any form of opposition to their view points. So, if the left is searching for people to call fascists, they need only find a mirror. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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