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We all knew that Biden was lying about the baby formula shortage, but now there is concrete proof, and a lawsuit.

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For months American mothers were scrambling to find food for their babies, and the Biden administration sat there doing nothing while children suffered. Now a group is demanding answers, and is providing information that shows Biden lied about the whole ordeal.

Townhall reports. The Biden Administration’s Federal Trade Commission is being sued by an ethics watchdog for reportedly withholding key information on the baby formula shortage. 

Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, admitted in May that the Biden Administration knew about a possible baby formula shortage months in advance. 

In an August FOIA request from The Functional Government Initiative for records related to its investigation of the nationwide shortage, the FTC ignored the request. 

According to the lawsuit “FGI anticipates that officials and staff at the FTC discussed and participated in making and implementing decisions about the investigation into the infant formula crisis… the public does not have the ability to easily evaluate the decision-making surrounding the FTC’s investigation,”

Nevertheless, the FDA blamed the shortage on a manufacturing problem at the Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan in a September report. 

It was reported this week that almost a year after the crisis began, one third of households still have trouble getting baby formula. 

This story goes deep, and the lies spread by the admin are impeachable. 

NextNewsNetwork.com reports, in June  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre started to get short with reporters after they repeatedly asked her questions about President Joe Biden and his knowledge of the baby formula shortage. The questions come a day after Biden admitted to not learning about the baby formula crisis until April to the press. His statement is different from his White House economic advisor and Jean-Pierre’s statements on when the administration knew about the crisis.


Lyin Biden is finally getting busted for lying to the American people. This comes from an administration that is the most pro-abortion Administration in American history, so it should not surprise anyone that they gave literally zero effs about babies that have been born already. Regardless, the Biden admin has a responsibility to the American people to stay ahead of situations that directly harm living individuals, it is job 1 when it comes to being an elected official. Yet, Biden is failing and lying to the American public daily, and it is catching up. We desperately need a president in office that will care about the American people, and put our interests first, not some special interest group or lobbyist or foreign government. The president is elected to represent, and protect America. Biden is failing at both. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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