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This one is rich! The liberal fake news media was torched by two “former” twitter employees. Just goes to show the fake news is more concerned about clicks than actual reporting. 

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We all have known for years that the legacy establishment media is only concerned with getting clicks, and shares as they try to save their dying networks. This is why mistakes like this happen, as the twitter takeover occurred the reporters were racing to find anyone they could to interview while they exited the building.

Daily caller reports. Two San Francisco men seemingly duped a CNBC reporter covering the alleged mass Twitter layoffs following the takeover of Elon Musk.

Both men claimed to be fired Twitter employees. One man told reporters his name was “Rahul Ligma,” while the other identified himself as “Daniel Johnson,” a video showed.

Reporters were seen asking for the name of one of the “fired” employees. Clip1>>

The other “fired” employees gave an interview stating he had to get home to his husband and wife. Clip2>>

This hilarious event did not go unnoticed by Elon Musk as he tweeted “Ligma Johnson had it coming”

This all comes after the historic Twitter takeover that happened over the weekend. 

Axios reports, Upon signing the deal, Musk gains sole control over one of the most important platforms for political discourse and social interaction around the world.

Here’s CBS with more: 

CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and general counsel Sean Edgett have all been fired. Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s longtime head of legal, policy, and trust, was also removed. Jack Dorsey had put her in charge of major user account decisions, like permanently banning President Trump.

It’s awesome when someone with some epic brass cajones trolls the fake news media. We all know about the liberal media, which constantly cites insider sources and quotes from people who aren’t even real. For instance, the entire Trump dossier came from people who probably don’t exist. The conservative movement must stand strong against the liberal onslaught and spread the facts that the Democrats are desperate to hide. We must all work together to stop their lies and manipulations.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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