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Imagine what it must be like to live as a liberal. Crime doesn’t exist, orange man is bad and everything that the Republicans are saying is a myth, or conspiracy theory. They live in a perfect mental utopia, and how dare we shatter their world views.

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While that utopia might exist in the minds of liberals, us conservatives we live in a world of harsh realities. We know if we do not address the problems at hand, then those problems will consume us and we will fail as a nation. 

Daily caller reports. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Sunday that Republicans are “master manipulators” who are fabricating a crime conspiracy.

According to Sharpton, Hochul’s opponent, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, has emphasized crime throughout his campaign against Hochul.


Lee Zeldin is not letting up when it comes to his pressure on Kathy Hochul and her failed policies on crime. 

The Post Millennial writes, According to Zeldin, New York’s streets need to be safer again, crime needs to be reduced, immigration needs to be handled, abortion laws shouldn’t be changed, and crime should be dealt with. 

Hochul brought up her plan to prevent gun sales later in the debate, which included credit card companies reporting gun sales. Zeldin mentioned the drive-by shooting outside his own home, saying that it’s likely those criminals didn’t use American Express to purchase their weapons.

Hochul was also criticized by Zeldin for believing that all crimes are committed with guns.

The founders of the Democrat party were wrong when they chose the donkey as their mascots, it should have been the ostrich. Living life with their heads buried in the sand, and ignoring the things that are hurting Americans as long as they have some sense of security. Soft on crime policies is why Democrats will lose the house and senate this November. The policies of the left only benefit criminals, and completely disregard the obligations of elected officials on protecting American citizens. Yet America is beginning to wisen up, as the memories of riots tearing through their neighborhoods, crimes being committed in front of their own eyes, and the insane prices we pay for every day items is hitting home. The red wave will happen, and its all thanks to the Democrats. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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