LOL: Even With A New Network Chris Cuomo Still Sucks

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Despite being tossed out of CNN after his disaster there, Chris Cuomo went on to News Nation, where he is still sucking at life, as ratings are plummeting.

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Chris Cuomo has failed miserably at most of the things he has done in life when it comes to being a quote journalist. Now it is even more apparent that he cannot succeed as he is helping tank the new network he just went to. 

Washington Examiner reports. NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo is searching for solutions to the dismal ratings of his weekday 8 p.m. show.

An inside source reported to the New York Post that Cuomo is pining for a 9 p.m. time slot instead, replacing host Dan Abrams after he was only hired by the news network this month. The former CNN host is “starting to blame everyone but himself” for the ratings, according to the Post’s source. “He’s blaming the network, staff that he personally hired, his lead-in, the promo department and even the press department.”

A spokeswoman for NewsNation would go on to call the Post’s reporting “completely, totally, 100% inaccurate. But we are glad that The Post taken such an interest in NewsNation’s success.”

Well when you are supposedly a mega star journalist, but cannot get mega celebrity billionaires to agree to formal interviews, it is hard to blame anyone else but yourself at that point.

Ny Post reported. A person close to the situation said Cuomo, who interviewed Ye on his 8 pm show Monday, was particularly upset that Ye had sat down in a studio for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last week — but only agreed to a video interview with Cuomo from the back seat of a car.

NY Post’s source said “Cuomo tried to get Ye to do the interview in the studio, Chris was insulted that he sat down with Tucker Carlson and that all he got was a Zoom interview from his car.”

The source continued “Chris thought it was at least going to be well-lit, and he wouldn’t have accepted that at CNN.”

NewsNation staffers are fuming over Cuomo’s interview with Ye and the network’s subsequent attempts to publicize the artist’s anti-Semitic rant.

Let’s check out a clip from this horrendous interview.

I mean seriously that is embarrassing, how could he have let that slide. He’s a failure at his job.

That has to have been one of the worst interviews I have ever seen. If that is Cuomo’s journalistic standards then it is easy to see why CNN is a dumpster fire, and now the News nation ship has a giant Chris Cuomo sized hole in the side of it and it is sinking. Even with a time change it will be hard to fix the new, yet failing network. Good thing for us as Cuomo fails miserably, we can rest easy knowing that we have good networks out there that will uphold standards, and report the truth.

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