OMG! Creepy Joe Loses Control Sniffs and Kisses Poor Trick-or-Treater At White House

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This is absolutely disgusting. The man can’t control himself. I can’t believe he continues this behavior despite being warned countless times. It’s sickening and downright creepy. If you’re as disgusted by this as I am, then please share this video to help spread the word.

As part of their annual Halloween event at the White House, President Biden greeted young trick-or-treaters on Monday.

The Post Millennial reports, A video of the event shows Biden rubbing a young child’s back, who is being held by an adult. He then approaches and kisses the child.

A little dance was also performed by Biden when the children asked for candy.

As this video proves, Creepy Joe Biden is clearly unable to control himself when it comes to young children. Hide your kids, because Biden will come for them if given the opportunity. It’s disgusting and a public embarrassment that he continues to behave this way despite countless warnings and backlash. The parents in the video should be ashamed for allowing their child to be put in such a compromising position with a known creep like Biden. It’s sickening behavior, and the fact that it’s happening at the White House is even more disturbing. Biden needs to be held accountable for his actions and receive help before more children are traumatized. So please, share this video and spread the word about Creepy Joe’s disturbing behavior. Our children deserve better than this predator lurking in our nation’s highest office.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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