WATCH: The Most Hilarious Donald Trump Back Off Golf Challenge Yet!

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In the face of the liberal media and other political hacks, Donald Trump has nerves of steel. It seems that he has the same fortitude when it comes to people trying to get him to make a mistake on the golf course, too! Check it out, it’s hilarious.

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Country Club adjacent has gone viral so many times for their hilarious back off challenge comments, and the ones with Trump are just as funny as it can get!

Daily caller reports. While golfing at the Trump Doral Miami golf course last Thursday, former President Donald Trump and son Eric Trump survived the infamous “back off challenge”.

In the “back off challenge,” players shout roasts at golfers to distract them and throw them off their game. A small group of people standing behind Trump hurled insults and quips at him as Trump practiced his swings before launching the ball over a large pond.

Lets watch this hilarious exchange:


Also while golfing that day Trump couldn’t help but take a swing at Biden’s mental capacity.  

Washington Examiner reports. It was par for the course for former President Donald Trump to take a swing at President Joe Biden while golfing on Thursday. Trump took a dig at his successor at the LIV Golf event in Doral, Florida, as he swung at a golf ball, eliciting a few “good ball” lines from the onlookers.


The most recent highlighted moment of President Trump’s golfing just goes to show you he has extreme mental focus, and clearly doesn’t let people get to him.  It’s moments like these that make Trump such an entertaining figure, especially to his supporters. In the face of constant harassment from the liberal media, it’s reassuring to see that our President can still joke around and enjoy himself. And while his critics will continue to try and take him down, it’s clear that Trump is here to stay. We cannot wait for a Trump 2024 announcement, we miss him and the country desperately needs him back.

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Next News Network Team

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