Look at What These Eco-Terrorists Glued Themselves to This Time – What Are They Thinking?

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 I wonder if Dinosaurs ever considered what would happen to their bones 365 million years after their deaths? I’m guessing that having climate change protesters glued to them was not on the list. 

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In yet another ridiculous show of wanting to change the world’s opinion of why climate change is bad, idiot protestors are reaching new levels destroying items that have survived for millions of years, until they met the environmental activists.

Washington Examiner reported.  A pair of German climate activists glued themselves to a dinosaur exhibit at Berlin’s Natural History Museum on Sunday while calling on the German government to approve measures to fight climate change.

The two women super glued themselves to handrails in front of a display that featured a large four-legged dinosaur that lived tens of millions of years ago. The women also held a banner that read “What if the government doesn’t have it under control?” in German.


The activists were quoted saying “The dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn’t withstand the massive climate changes. The same threatens us,” Caris Connell, one of the women, said. “Unlike the dinosaurs, we hold our fate in our own hands. Do we want to go extinct like the dinosaurs, or do we want to survive?”

Western journal reports. It seems like the climate change activists are becoming more bold every day. The Porsche pavilion floor at Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, was recently the site of a group of climate change activists who appeared to believe that sticking themselves to the showroom floor was the best way to pressure the government to “decarbonize the German transport sector.”


What is wrong with the lunatic left? They’re always engaging in some insane activist stunt that gets them arrested. I swear, they must wake up every day and ask themselves, “How can I be more annoying?” And now they’re gluing themselves to dinosaurs? What is this, the Jurassic Period? Grow up, lunatics! If you want to protest something, do it like an adult and peacefully assemble or write your congressman. But don’t go around making a scene and getting arrested. That just proves how stupid and impotent your cause is. And don’t even get me started on Biden. The guy can’t even get his climate change policy straight, let alone tell these idiots to knock it off. He’s a failure!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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