Ohio state senate race Takes UNEXPECTED Turn After Liz Cheney Shows Up With Endorsement

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RINO Cheney continues to spit in the republicans faces with her actions, endorsing democrats. When will enough be enough?

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Liz Cheney has gone down a dark swampy path as she continues to back Democrat candidates over America First candidates. She refuses to see that the America first platform is all about the people, as she continues her assault against any Trump ally. 

Washington Examiner reports. In recent days, Queen Rino Liz Cheney has endorsed Liberal Democrat Tim Ryan for the Ohio Senate race, marking her second high-profile endorsement.

As a result of JD Vance’s flirtation with election denialism, Cheney insisted that she could not support him during the debate.


However, the Queen of the Rino Republicans won’t stop JD Vance. Vance had the upper hand against his Cheney endorsed liberal Democrat opponent last week. 

JD Vance destroyed Tim Ryan in the final Ohio Senate debate. It was a commanding performance from the rising conservative star, and it showed that he is more than ready to take on Ryan in November. Ryan was left grasping for answers as Vance slammed him on his tax hikes, support for sanctuary cities, and record of corruption. This was a major victory for the Republicans, and it confirms that JD Vance is their best hope for taking the Senate seat in Ohio.

During the debate, a question about the 40-year high inflation was asked, and Republican candidate JD Vance had a golden response. 

Vance noted that the inflation is so out of control because of policies proposed, backed, and signed by Democrats like Joe Biden and Tim Ryan. 

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RINO  Liz Cheney may want to reconsider throwing her weight behind Tim Ryan in the Ohio Senate race. JD Vance destroyed Ryan in their final debate, showing that he is more than ready to take on the Democrat in November. While Cheney seems to have a personal vendetta against Vance for his flirtation with election denialism, she should recognize his prowess as a politician and ability to effectively advocate for conservative values. It’s time for Cheney to ditch her loyalty to the establishment and join the winning team – Team Vance.

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