Hillary Clinton Calls For Back Up From DNC Chair After Absurd Election Claims

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What a change of course for the Democrat party who spent the last 2 years banning millions of people from social media for saying exactly what they are saying right now. What a clown world.

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Literally we live in a clown world. Do the Democrats think we cannot remember a few months, days,weeks, years back when Republicans were physically, verbally assaulted for saying exactly what Hillary Clinton and now the DNCC Chair are claiming? Let’s unpack this garbage.

Summit news reports. Hillary Clinton claimed last week that Republicans would steal the 2024 election. On CBS’ Face The Nation Sunday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney defended Hillary Clinton’s baseless claim that ‘right-wing extremists’ are plotting to steal the election.

Lets watch.

All of this stems from Hillary Clinton’s absurd claims she made last week. 

Townhall reports, Hillary Clinton, the twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate and serial election denier is already looking forward to the 2024 presidential election as her party is expected to lose the midterm elections in 2022. A bizarre video shows Clinton warning that “right wing extremists” will “literally steal” the next presidential election. She says the issue “keeps her up at night.” 


It is insane that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair would defend Hillary Clinton’s absurd claims about the next election being stolen. We are not stupid, and we will not forget that it was Clinton who claimed that Trump’s election was illegitimate and that Republicans would steal the 2024 election. The fact that she would say such things is a clear sign that she is a loser who cannot accept defeat. Wow. Just wow. The Democrats are seriously out of touch with reality if they think we will believe anything they say about the election. There will be another red wave in 2024, and Clinton will be nowhere to be found.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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