KARI LAKE: Makes The Strongest Statement Yet On Border Crisis

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Kari Lake does not hold back when it comes to the crisis that America is facing with massive amounts of illegals and drugs pouring across the border. 

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Since they know they’ve failed America, the Democrats have been avoiding any mention of the border crisis. Despite this, Kari Lake speaks the truth on the campaign trail, and her message resonates with millions. 

According to RSB network. During an “Ask Me Anything” tour stop last week, Republican Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake discussed the importance of having strong border policies to alleviate the widespread issue of drugs pouring over the open southern border and claiming the lives of countless young Americans. 

The Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate said the drug crisis is “another reason” to secure the southern border. Government data indicates otherwise, despite the Biden administration’s claims that the border is “closed” and “secure.”

Let’s Watch.

Democrats avoid the border issue like the plague. 

Daily wire reports. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin grilled several Democrats and Biden officials on camera for a Fox News segment that aired Monday afternoon.

Many of the Democrats that Melugin questioned either ignored him altogether or refused to answer his questions.

Lets watch.

Kari Lake is a strong conservative voice in Arizona, and she is not afraid to take on the Biden administration over their handling of the border crisis. It is refreshing to see Lake slamming the president and Harris for their failure to address the issue, and the promise that Arizona would take a strong stand against the injustices being committed against the people living there. Overall, Lake made it clear that she is angry with the direction our country is headed in, and she is not going to stand by silently while our children are being hurt. It is refreshing to see a politician with the courage to speak truth to power, and we need more leaders like Kari Lake if we are going to get our country back on track.

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