THEY GOT’EM! Charges Filed After Dems Unleash Violence against Top GOP Candidates

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Just days before voters head to the polls to elect their favored candidates, more than one Republican candidate running for office has been violently targeted by, what we can imagine, are leftist extremists.

According to the Epoch Times, an Illinois man has been arrested and charged with leaving threatening voicemails for Republican candidate Darren Bailey running for governor of Illinois.

According to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office filing obtained by The Epoch Times, Scott Lennox, 21, said in one message that he would “skin Darren Bailey alive” after killing the candidate’s family.

Lennox warned, “If he doesn’t kill himself, I’ll kill him.”.

He also described Bailey as a racist white person and said he knew where Bailey and his family slept.

Over in New Hampshire, reports that on Wednesday, police arrested a Rhode Island man who attempted to assault Republican New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc before the debate with incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan.

According to the Goffstown Police Department, Joseph Hart, 37, of Greenville, Rhode Island, was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

And over in North Carolina, according to FOX News, there is an FBI investigation underway into a shooting that occurred last month at the home of Pat Harrigan’s parents. Pat Harrigan is a former Green Beret and Republican candidate running for Congress against Democrat state Sen. Jeff Jackson in North Carolina’s 14th congressional district.

According to Harrigan’s campaign manager, a suspect shot into his parents’ home in Hickory. Harrigan’s children were in the house at the time, and the bullet entered just a few feet away from them.

Harrigan said Thursday that his opponent’s politics have caused “inflation, economic ruin, and rampant crime-including political violence.”.

As we should note, this all comes after Biden made a speech this week in which he blamed President Donald Trump, his supporters and the January 6 Capitol attack for recent political violence spikes – including the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

However, despite Biden’s claims that Republicans are the ones causing violence among others with “dangerous rhetoric,” here’s a stunning montage showing just a sliver of times Democrat politicians and media personalities have called for violence in the streets and violence targeting Republicans.

And here’s what the streets looked like during President Trump’s inauguration back in 2017.

It’s unsettling to think that the Democratic Party, who constantly accuses the Republicans of being violent, is actually responsible for recent attacks on Republican candidates. Case in point: the arrest of a Democrat in Illinois for leaving threatening voicemails for Republican candidate Darren Bailey, and another Democrat in Washington State charged with attempted assault on Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc. This isn’t an isolated incident; it’s just one example of the dangerous rhetoric espoused by some Democrats. Despite their efforts to paint Republicans as the instigators of violence, it’s clear that they are the true offenders. It’s a scary reality, and hopefully this serves as a wakeup call to put an end to the divisive and destructive language that too often dominates political discourse.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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