Kari Lake Responds to Hillary’s Attacks with HILARIOUS Comment

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Take a look at Kari Lake’s response to liberal bully Hillary Clinton! 

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Liberal trash talking won’t deter conservative Kari Lake, as the depths of her inner strength know no bounds.

Washington Examiner reports. Kari Lake and Hillary Clinton’s war of words on Thursday took on a conspiratorial tone.

In response to the former secretary of state’s criticisms, Lake referenced the “Clinton Body Count.”

Watch here.

On CNN, Clinton criticized Lake for seeming to make light of Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent attack on her husband, asking, “What kind of person is that?” and calling her “the woman running in Arizona.”

It came under fire this week when Lake made comments about the home invasion during a candidate rally on Monday. She said, “Nancy Pelosi, she has protection when she’s in DC, but her house doesn’t seem to have much protection.” It has since been argued that Lake did not make light of the attack and that her comments were misinterpreted.

It is not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last that the liberal idiots attack Kari Lake, but that won’t stop her from her fiery responses. 

Arizona Sun Times reported. In the wake of Liz Cheney’s PAC’s $500,000 TV advertisement urging Arizona voters not to vote for Republican nominees Kari Lake and Mark Finchem, Lake’s campaign announced a significant boost in donations.

Lets see the ad. 

Kari Lake Tweeted after the ad was released “We just hit 300k raised in a single day! Shoutout to Liz Cheney, my biggest fundraiser yet!” 

She also sent a letter to Cheney, thanking the RINO politician for the “generous” contribution.

Kari Lake isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even if it means facing criticism from big names like Hillary Clinton. In response to the former secretary of state’s attacks on her comments regarding the “Clinton Body Count,” Lake defended herself by pointing out Clinton’s own controversial history. And in regards to Pelosi’s recent house invasion, Lake didn’t back down from her suggestion that heightened security measures might have prevented the attack – something any sensible person can agree with. Of course, this level-headedness is completely lost on Cheney and her PAC, who are so blinded by their liberal agenda that they’re willing to drop half a million dollars on attack ads instead of addressing real issues affecting Arizonans. Luckily for voters in the state, Lake isn’t bowing down to corrupt politicians or their empty threats – she’ll continue speaking the truth and fighting for what’s right, no matter the cost.

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