Joy Behar Thinks You Are Stupid If You’re Worrying About This One Thing

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Joy Behar is still clucking away in the henhouse over on the view. Well now she’s really laid an egg. Watch this video to see why Joy Behar thinks that Americans are stupid if they worry about one critical issue.

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I’m going to talk about the latest comments from Joy Behar on The View. She basically said that anyone who worries about inflation is stupid, and I think she’s wrong.

Daily wire reports. Joy Behar lashed out at Americans worried about inflation on Thursday, suggesting that they were stupid if they were more worried about inflation than they were about the state of democracy in the United States.

Behar and her co hosts spent the opening moments of ABC’s midday talk show “The View” complaining about the fact that Republican messaging regarding inflation and economic issues appeared to be resonating with voters who were struggling to fill their gas tanks and put food on the table.

Whoppi Goldberg opens up the segment, about republican talking points. Watch.

Then Joy Behar calls Americans stupid if they worry about inflation. Watch.

This segment comes after Joy Behar got shot down on what actually causes inflation.

Daily caller writes. Alyssa Farah Griffin defended Republicans and corporations on Thursday against the panel’s attempt to blame inflation on Republicans and corporations.

Joy Behar argued that thirteen out of seventeen recessions in the past century occurred under Republican administrations.

Watch the exchange

Keep on clucking away, Joy Behar. It’s no surprise your views are as rotten as the egg you just laid on national television. Sure, you may have some fancy liberal credentials and a seat at the table on The View, but that doesn’t make you any smarter or more in touch with the American people than the rest of us. Inflation is a real concern for hardworking individuals and businesses trying to make ends meet, yet all you can do is demean their worries and suggest they’re stupid for caring about it. Keep telling those lies to try to prop up your failing party, but the American people will see through it and send a Red Wave in the next election. Keep on clucking, we’ll keep laughing at your garbage views. Keep on showing why you’re nothing more than an out of touch elitist, Joy Behar. Keep doing what you do best – being a total fool on national television. Keep going, Joy. Keep laying those rotten eggs every day. Keep it up, because every time you open your mouth and spew your nonsense, more Americans turn away from your party in disgust. Keep clucking away, Joy Behar – because frankly, we can’t wait until we finally shut the hen house door on you and your ilk forever.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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