Dems PANIC, Drag Bill Clinton Out In Desperate Attempt To Breathe Life into their Dying Midterm Efforts

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Bill Clinton just came out swinging at Republicans in a blistering speech that is sure to have us running for the hills. Yea Right.

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Democrats are getting smoked in recent polling, so Bill Clinton has been on the campaign trail to try to win voter holdouts over.

Red State reports. You know the Democrats are in full panic mode when they stoop to dragging out Bill Clinton of all people, to campaign for Working Families Party candidate Josh Riley in his race against Republican candidate Marcus Molinaro in New York’s 19th congressional district. 

It looks like slick hasn’t lost a beat. As he attacks Republicans.


Twitter had some great retorts to Clinton’s lies.

Michael McMullen tweeted. “ Q, Why does Bill Clinton lie? 

A, It depends on what the definition of lie is.”

Just Sayin’ it Like it IS Tweeted back a meme “ What’s the difference between an airplane and the United States? The plane’s right wing isn’t trying to crash it out of spite.”

This comes after Bill Clinton was spotted earlier this year at a baseball game with a famous sex therapist.

Meaw reported. Over the weekend, disgraced former President Bill Clinton was seen getting “red in the face” as he chatted with sex therapist Dr Ruth at the US Open tennis match between Serena Williams and Danka Kovinik. 

Dr Ruth, who is 94 years old, at one point lightly tapped the former president on the cheek as the pair was spotted deeply engaged in conversation. Bill Clinton was seen leaning in eagerly as the famous German-American sex therapist seemed to give the former president some advice. Soon after, Clinton’s face appeared to be turning red. 

ESPN commentators spotted the duo and couldn’t help themselves by cracking a joke.


Bill Clinton is a sleazeball liar and the fact that the Democrats are Dragging him out shows how desperate they are. The Republican party is stronger than ever and there is a red wave coming. Joe Biden has failed as President and can’t even be trusted to speak, let alone run a country. The economy is failing and there is massive inflation. Bill Clinton’s attack on Republicans is just more proof that the Democratic party is in full panic mode.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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