NY Governor HUMILIATED on Live TV when MSNBC and CNN Blindside Her With Facts She Can’t Hide From

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There is a shift in the narrative that has taken place. It has become apparent that the radical leftist corporate media is not anymore able to cover up for Democratic policies that have failed, and what this MSNBC anchor did to Kathy Hochul is proof of that.

Governor Kathy Hochul (D) spoke with CNN about the latest midterm developments and the GOP narrative on crime. Hochul believes Republicans are being dishonest on crime.

However, as noted by Hannity.com, there is one problem – crime rates are on the rise, as shown by the split screen shown beside her.

The split screen shows that in NYC alone, overall crime is up 31% from October 2021 to October 2022.

Hochul’s appearance on CNN wasn’t the only time she was faced with questions and concerns about crime in her state.

Over on MSNBC, The 11th Hour show host Stephanie Ruhle told Kathy Hochul that under her leadership, New Yorkers “don’t feel safe.”

New Yorkers are not even safe at Kathy Hochul’s campaign rallies.

In Manhattan on Saturday, an unidentified male choked a woman protesting Gov. Kathy Hochul’s rally.

Two people attacked Angelica Torres, a supporter of Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

A man choked Torres while two other people prevented her from getting back her sign when she tried to retrieve it.

Here’s Torres speaking with a reporter after the altercation.

A melting pot like New York City does not surprise with its third-world style of political violence.

The recent humiliation of NY Governor Kathy Hochul on MSNBC is just one example of the narrative shift taking place across the corporate media. The concept of the mainstream media carrying water for Democrats and their failed policies is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In Hochul’s case, she tried to claim Republicans were being dishonest about crime, but the split screen clearly showed otherwise. With overall crime up 31% under her leadership in NYC alone, it’s clear that the game is over for the Democrats. As we approach the midterm finish line tomorrow, this kind of blindsiding and embarrassment is only going to become more common as voters make their choices known because they have woken up and now reject liberal policies. The red wave is sweeping the nation and there’s nothing the left can do to stop it.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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