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Leave it to a liberal college to take offense to something American as they rip down american flags, in their attempt to destroy America’s legacy.

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Colleges should be places to go to learn about American history, and how to make not only yourself better but our country better as a whole. But as we all have known for years the left has infiltrated the college campuses, and are using their draconian rules to stop the freedom of speech of as many college students as they can. 

Daily caller reports. During a recent video posted to social media, a Trinity College employee is seen tearing down a Gadsden flag and a “thin blue, red, green line” flag. The school claims it is against the rules to hang flags outside of dorm windows. However, the students involved claim the school had no problem with pride flags hanging outside until conservative students followed suit.

Let’s see this viral video.

According to a school newspaper, LGBTQ rights are in question on campus, and the school is terrified of the minority.

According to Trinity Tripod. 

Transgender people are considered to be safe in Connecticut, a “trans safe-haven.” Still, [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] recognize Trinity still needs to improve the quality of life on campus for LGBTQ+ students. “Not every student fits into the algorithm used by the school,” [Redacted] said. Housing options remain problematic, since students can only identify themselves as male or female. Students who haven’t yet told their parents about their sexual orientation can be “outed” when Trinity emails them about housing or financial aid. The QRC believes that Trinity needs to replace existing infrastructures to be more accommodating to members of the LGBTQ+ community and other minorities on campus, and make these changes as soon as possible.

Apparently the Christian college needs to go more woke to help their small portion of students who are demanding the college change its history. But in the disturbing news of the college employees ripping American flags down, as you clearly saw, you can also see that pride flags and signage on the “Queer Respource Center” Door. So, what is it Trinity college, are students allowed to be patriotic? Or are they using force to have the students conform to the new woke agenda being forced down America’s throat. Whatever it is, there is no excuse to take down American flags. We are the land of the free, stand up for your rights. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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