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In a shocking move ALDI has announced a deal that will make the MAGA crowd cheer!

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With inflation skyrocketing, and prices going through the roof ALDI has announced a limited time deal to bring back some good old fashioned Trump era prices. 

Daily wire reports. Aldi grocery store announced this week that for a limited time only, it will be selling Thanksgiving items at 2019 prices, back from when good ol’ President Donald J. Trump was president.

ALDI President Dave Rinalod said in a statement “Providing amazing products at the absolute lowest prices is what we’ve always done, and we know right now that’s more important than ever, Shoppers can look for the Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon in their local ad and throughout the store for extra savings”

This press release from ALDI comes as Walmart has announced a price rollback to previous years pricing. noted.  According to Walmart, its stores will offer Thanksgiving groceries at last year’s prices on several grocery items. Walmart’s announcement of “This Year’s Thanksgiving at Last Year’s Meal Price” is on the heels of nationwide discount grocer Aldi rolling back prices to what they were in 2019.

According to, the grocery store is “removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving items.”

John Laney Walmarts Vice President of Food stated “Saving money is a top priority for our customers right now, so this year, we’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving items, We made significant investments on top of our everyday low prices so customers can get a traditional Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price at Walmart.”

It’s sad that mega groceries have to do the job that the president refuses to do when it comes to helping Americans afford food. While Biden’s own press secretary refuses to acknowledge inflation and rising costs, the corporate giants are at least willing to acknowledge the issue. However, Americans can rest assured that some corporate giants in America miss the MAGA days and are working hard to bring back Trump era prices, so more Americans can enjoy Thanksgiving this year. We want Biden to open up some of those federal lands for drilling, and we want gas prices to be brought back to what they were under Trump!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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