CLOWN WORLD UPDATE: Dems Elect BRAIN DAMAGED Candidate To lead Them in PA – Makes PERFECT Sense

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I can’t believe it, but the Democrats in Pennsylvania have actually chosen a brain damaged candidate, John Fetterman, as their next Senator. I understand that people with disabilities deserve representation in government, but electing someone who is literally impaired, who cannot even form cohesive sentences is not the answer. I’m shocked that this was even allowed to happen, and I worry about what kind of message it sends to voters and other politicians. This just shows how desperate the Democratic party has become, willing to put forth a clearly unfit candidate just for the sake of winning. But then again Joe Biden is in office too.

In the race for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman defeated former television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The Post Millennial reports, moments after the race was called by Fox News and NBC News, Fetterman tweeted “It’s official. I will be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. We bet on the people of Pennsylvania – and you didn’t let us down And I won’t let you down. Thank you.”

Fetterman’s win is surprising, considering he constantly struggled to articulate his positions, often used the wrong words, and had trouble comprehending audio on the campaign trail due to having a stroke earlier this year.

As noted by FOX News, the public erupted over Oz & Fetterman’s first and only debate, where they discussed important issues such as abortion, immigration, crime, and fracking while raising eyebrows over Fetterman’s health.

During the debate, Fetterman requested closed captioning due to auditory processing issues, but still appeared to struggle.

Here’s just a few moments from the debate where Fetterman struggled.

Fetterman refused to release his medical records to the public, despite claiming he had been cleared to “work full duty in public office” by his doctor.

Can you believe it? The Democratic party in Pennsylvania has chosen a brain damaged candidate to be their next Senator. John Fetterman refused to release his medical records, but claims he’s cleared for full duty in public office. He probably got that clearance from the clown doctor who said Biden was the healthiest person ever to hold office. This just goes to show what a joke the Dems have become, willing to put forth an unfit candidate just for the sake of winning. And let’s not forget that Joe Biden is currently leading the party too – what a disaster. It’s truly a case of brain damaged voters electing a brain damaged candidate. And poor Pennsylvania will have to deal with the embarrassment of having Fetterman on the senate floor, looking like a fool and making them look like fools as well. Welcome to clown world.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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