THEY CAUGHT HIM! Liberal Arsonist Arrested After What He Did To These Churches On Election Day

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 A series of fires broke out in Mississippi on election day causing mass chaos in a town, that never sees crimes like this occur.

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On election day a series of fires were started at local churches, and while the motive was not clear, the consequences clearly were. 

Daily wire reported. On Election Day, an alleged arsonist allegedly set fire to two churches in Jackson, Mississippi.

Devin McLaurin, 23, was arrested Tuesday evening in connection with the fires by Jackson Police Department deputies assisted by Hinds County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

The Jackson Fire Department assistant fire chief Patrick Armon told WAPT-TV that  “Since I started working here 30 years ago, I’ve been here. That this is a major occurrence. Our normal routine doesn’t involve going to this kind of event. About a third of our department is on site.”

On Tuesday morning, there were calls regarding the fires beginning at 2:45 a.m. Central Time. Except for Epiphany Lutheran Church, which burned for almost four hours, all flames were extinguished by 6 am. The incident did not result in any injuries.

While this may have been just someone who had a horrible urge to light stuff on fire, others are taking it a bit more seriously.

Y’all Politics reported. In the capital city, activists are prone to making assumptions about why such things happen. 

Shuwaski Young, a Democrat running for Congress in the 3rd District, took to Twitter to relate it to Election Day.

“This morning several churches were burned in Jackson, Mississippi on Election Day. These cowardly actions invoke historical acts of terrorism when people are fighting for their right to vote and live peacefully as Americans and Mississippians,” Young tweeted. “We will not be deterred and will not be intimidated. We will not allow domestic terrorists to suppress our right to vote. I ask all Mississippians to go vote regardless of this decades old intimidation tactic to suppress our votes today.”

The tragic fire at several churches in Jackson, Mississippi on Election Day was understandably met with shock and sadness by all. However, it turned out that a leftist activist was the one setting the fires. But that did not stop the Democrat running for congress who immediately jumped to conclusions and politicized the tragedy, trying to blame it on supposed right-wing intimidation tactics. This is just another example of how liberals will stoop to any level for their own political gain. What truly matters now is punishing the culprit responsible for these heinous acts, rather than baselessly pointing fingers and spreading fear. Let us come together as a community to stand united, regardless of party affiliation or political agenda.

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Next News Network Team

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