TRUE BLOOD: Artificial Blood Injected into Humans For First Time

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You want zombies? This is exactly how we get a zombie apocalypse. Recently announced medical procedures to help save lives, could potentially end in disaster.

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Every good zombie movie starts out with some lab testing a new medical cure, or some person getting a shot for some reason, and then boom zombie apocalypse. In a recent test straight out of science fiction, lab-grown red blood cells have entered the trial phase and are now being tested on humans.

JPOST reports. The National Health Service of the United Kingdom announced on Sunday that laboratory-grown red blood cells have been transfused into humans in the world’s first such clinical trial. 

Two people have received the lab-grown cells and have not experienced any side effects, according to the University of Bristol, which is part of the RESTORE initiative. 

Co chief investigator Ashley Mark Toye said “  This challenging and exciting trial is a huge stepping stone for manufacturing blood from stem cells, This is the first-time lab-grown blood from an allogeneic donor has been transfused and we are excited to see how well the cells perform at the end of the clinical trial.”

If bioengineering red blood cells wasn’t science fiction enough, they are now genetically engineering white blood cells too. reported.  Today, cell therapies-and genetically engineered cell therapies-are mainstays of modern medicine, and scientists are working to find more applications. There are many researchers experimenting with immune cells to expand their scope and direct them against solid tumors, which has proven challenging so far with CAR T cells. Researchers are experimenting with stem cells to revive damaged tissues in degenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). GEN spoke with a number of scientists and company leaders to learn more about the challenges and successes at these two therapeutic frontiers. 

It appears that genetically modifying the body’s cells is here to stay. But the problem with that, is we dont precisely know what the second and third generation of mutations will do after the modified cells go into the body. There will have to be a massive amount of research to see what happens after the participants in these studies have children, and those later generations have children to fully understand what can happen after we tinker with human genetics in such a broad fashion. Maybe, we will get the apocalypse that Hollywood has been promising for decades.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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