Voter Suppression? Here is What Officials in LA Did With only 4 hours left to vote on Election Day

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WHAT A SHOCKER! On the day of the midterm elections, leftists are grasping at straws., and using minimal weather events to urge residents not to vote.

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Inclement weather? Last minute poll changes? The liberals will stop at nothing! But this appears to be par for the course, when your in traditionally Blue districts.

Breitbart reports. Mobile phone users in Los Angeles received an emergency alert less than four hours before polls closed.

On Tuesday, a warning was issued around 4:00 pm, with LA County polls closing at 8:00 pm. Residents should not travel unless they are fleeing flooding or an evacuation order.

Heavy rains caused flooding in some areas, high winds caused power outages, and flash floods were reported. At 5:15 pm, the National Weather Service ended the flood advisory for the area. Intermittent sunshine also brought rainbows.

Some skeptics question whether the election was somehow influenced by severe weather alerts warning people to stay home due to “dangerous and life-threatening” conditions.

On top of the “inclement” weather in California, Philadelphia reported last minute changes to their voting process. 

Fox news reported. On Tuesday morning, Philadelphia officials approved a last-minute rule change that will prolong the vote-count process.

Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the city’s three-member elections board voted 2-1 to impose poll book reconciliation, which prevents double voting. By using the reconciliation process, mail-in ballots and in-person ballots would be flagged.

This decision was made by the city commission at its meeting on Tuesday morning. An ordinance governing traffic in the city was adopted by the city commission during its meeting on Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. Two Democrats opposed the amendment, while the Republican supported it.

From severe weather alerts, to machines running out of paper, and last minute changes to election law are making it pretty clear that election day was in chaos across most of America. Now as the polls are closed and the red wave that was supposed to sweep the country turned out to be a trickle, leaves many to speculate as to why this occurred. But one thing remains clear there was some shenanigans at play, and time will give us some answers.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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